Sedgemoor Community Walking Programme a Continued Success and Ready for 2015

They are open to all and are FREE!

Who can join in the Sedgemoor Health Walks?
Those who are recovering from illness or injury, the elderly and both the inactive and active. The walks led by a qualified walk leader are generally approximately 2 – 5 miles and last approximately 1 – 2.5 hours and suitable for beginners (Mondays) and intermediate level walkers (Tuesdays and Fridays).


Why take part in the Sedgemoor Health Walks?
Walking at a moderate pace can improve mental and physical health. A moderate pace is where you feel slightly warm, your breathing gets faster but you are still able to hold a conversation.

Each walk is graded and the number can be found on the information below.

Grade 1 is mainly flat roads or tracks, beach or town walking
Grade 2 uneven walking, some inclines, tracks, stiles and gates.
Grade 3 is open slopes, rough ground and inclines in addition to 1 & 2.
Grade 4 is open slopes, rough ground, inclines and 2 – 3 hours.

How do I join the Sedgemoor Health walks?

There is no membership as such. All you need to do is meet at the designated meeting point for a 10am departure.You will find all the relevant information on the programme of walks. Please be mindful of the environment and help to reduce carbon emissions by car sharing whenever possible.

Please bring a drink with you on the walks and please note that dogs cannot take part.

If you are interested in becoming a walk leader, free training is offered. For more information, contact Lianne Mason (Health Promotion Co-ordinator) on 01278 435715 or visit

Got questions? Need further information? Speak to Lianne Mason, Health Promotion Co-ordinator, Health and Wellbeing, Sedgemoor District Council, (01278) 435715 or visit