Community First

What is Community First?Community First is an £80m government-funded initiative that will help fund both new and existing community projects.Only certain electoral wards are eligible in each Local Authority and the area of Victoria, Bridgwater has been identified as such a Ward. Victoria will receive 33k to fund over a four year period and a Community First Panel comprising of local people has been established to recommend projects and activities to be funded in their ward.

How does Community First work?

A Community First partnership is formed for each local area. Partnership members include local councillors and staff from statutory agencies such as the local authority, local businesses, groups and voluntary organisations and most importantly, local residents. Our panel comprises of:

• Sedgemoor District Council/Bridgwater Town Council Councillor Mick Lerry • Sam Turner from local organisation Allkids a social enterprise
• Hughie Bollan a local resident
• Paul Coates Director of Operations for Homes in Sedgemoor
• Ann Bown Somerset County and Sedgemoor District Councillor

What does Community First do?

The Community First initiative seeks to address the issues needed to improve the quality of life in the Victoria area, as identified by the local community. In consultation with our community these issues are broadly grouped into five themes:

Health & Wellbeing – Activities that promote healthy lifestyles which has a positive impact on individuals’ health and wellbeing.
Access to fun and Play – Appealing activities for all ages that provide opportunities to have fun and access physical play.
Support for Vulnerable People – Improve quality of life, economic well-being, reduce isolation and improve accessibility to activities and services. Community Development/Outreach – Enrich the lives of individuals and families in need improving individuals’ lives and prospects.
Education, Employment and Training – Provide education and training to overcome disadvantage, release potential and to open up new opportunities.

How much money can we apply for?

We have been allocated £33,910 to spend over a four year period. The minimum amount you can apply for is £250.00 and the maximum is £2,500.

How do I/we apply?

You will find a downloadable application form here and also a guidance pack here. The pack clearly explains what you have to consider for your application.

The application needs to be received no later than the close of day
on 5th May 2014

Can we discuss our application with someone?

Yes. You can speak to the Center Manager at the Victoria Park Community Centre or by telephone 01278 422255.

Becoming a Panel Member

If you would be interested in being a panel member for community first project in the Victoria Ward please contact the Center Manager at the community centre.

Please ring 01278 422255 or email

We would welcome your input.

Community First is funded by the OCS, part of the Cabinet Office, on behalf of the Government and delivered by CDF, in partnership with: